GCVote is experiencing technological difficulties and does not always work correctly!

I'm working on fixing it, but that may take some time.

GCVote Installation

GCVote can be installed only for viewing ratings of caches if you want but it's all user ratings that make GCVote a lot more interesting..

Your opinion on a cache is important not only for all geocache seekers but also for all those working hard to hide caches.

Firefox installation

Chrome installation

IE7, IE8 installation



GSAK installation

NashTech's WideView macro is really great. It let us see complete cache description in the bottom window in a good looking way, thanks to the Split screen feature. Adding 2 lines of codes makes it possible to see ratings and also add your personal rating.
  • Install the latest GCVote_HTML_Include macro.
  • Then install this modified WideView macro : HTML_WideView.gsk
  • If not done already, select Wide View under the Split screen format menu.
  • You will have to enter your name (the one you use on geocaching.com) and your GCVote password on the first run.


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