GCVote is experiencing technological difficulties and does not always work correctly!

I'm working on fixing it, but that may take some time.

GCVote Introduction

GCVote is an extension for www.geocaching.com that enables you to rate the quality of caches. You add your vote with a single click and it displays the average of all quality votes received for any geocache.

Right now, GCVote counts 8703344 individual quality ratings for 1400354 individual caches in the world and 27769 registered users.

Current version is 3.3c.
Install update (Firefox)

GCVote's most powerful feature is the complete integration with the geocaching.com website.
GCVote is also compatible with some applications like GSAK and Cachebox.

Here is an example of what it looks like when looking at a waypoint description:

Suggested quality rating:

?  - neutral / not rated yet
1  - poor
 - fairly poor
2  - below average
 - not so bad
3  - average
 - not bad at all
4  - better than average
 - very good
5  - awesome

There is no detailed guidance on how to rate a geocache, but please rate in a kind of common sense so that any fellow cacher can see where you felt a detour is really rewarding.

It's easy and fast to use, when it's time to enter your 'Found it' log, just a click and your rating is recorded:

If you visit the page of all your found, this is how it will look like:

You like to hide caches and would like to know how people appreciate your hides? See how it looks like:

And if you are curious what is the votes distribution, you simply click on the stars and you know:

Guess what? It is also Google Maps friendly!

There are many reasons to use GCVote, why not give it a try now? See installation.