GCVote is experiencing technological difficulties and does not always work correctly!

I'm working on fixing it, but that may take some time.

GCVote Frequently Asked Questions

GeoCaching.com members, how to Register for GCVote

http://GCVote.com is a separate site from http://Geocaching.com, however, we have a symbiotic relationship.

We couldn't exist without Geocaching but Geocaching would not be as good without us.

Due to the terms of use policy within GeoCaching, we cannot simply 'use' your Geocaching.com credentials to record your votes but we do need to know what your Geocaching username is so we can associate your votes with your Geocaching results.

We want to make sure that you are a valid Geocaching.com member, so we request that you send a password request to us, via Geocaching internal e-mail, so that we may record the Geocaching.com account you are using and apply our own password in our own systems to record your votes.


  1. you will need an account at Geocaching.com
  2. whilst logged into Geocaching.com
    1. go to page http://www.Geocaching.com/email/default.aspx
    2. send an email message to me at <<<BonnerGuido>>> either with a password you would like to use, or, if you have no preference, I will generate a random one for you.
    3. I will reply to the email account you have configured at Geocaching.com with your password. This is easier if you send your email address along with your message.
    4. With your new password, enter it in the GCVote password entry field (assuming you have already installed GCVote) and into your smart device application, if it is compatible.

Just remember, the password for GCVote is different to the Geocaching password, even though we use the same username.

GCVote Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there no categories like quality of the container, landscape etc.?

GCVote was created to be simple of use. There are be many reasons why a cache is great, the wonderful scenic view, the ingeniosity of the concept, the amazing cache container, etc. Rating all these different aspects by themselves would be too much work for most users and it would be difficult to agree on a specific set of relevant aspects.

If a cache have 50 ratings and the average is 1.8, this does not mean that you will not like the cache but it is unlikely that you will love it.

What is meant by 'quality'?

Quality should express how much you liked the cache and how strongly you would recommend it to fellow cachers. There don't seem to be any objective criteria for this, but keep in mind that other people will use your rating to identify interesting or highly recommended caches or to avoid the poorer ones.

Why is it possible to rate caches I did not find?

It is technically not possible to do that without a lot of automated requests to geocaching.com. Understandably, Groundspeak forbids such a behavior.

But you should only rate caches that you know well enough to judge their quality.

Can I rate a cache then change my rating for that cache later on?

Yes you can. In some specific situation this can be useful.

What if I own a cache and I do not want anyone to give a rating?

Get in touch with me and I will gladly remove the rating option for your particular cache.

What information is transmitted/stored?

Your GC user name, your rating, a timestamp, the waypoint and the cache ID. In addition the server stores the version of the script and the last access date.

Why are some votes missing on the map?

GCVote's server stores votes by cache ID, not by the waypoints used on the maps. There are circumstances where the waypoint for a rated cache is unknown. In these cases the vote may not be displayed on the map as the map uses waypoints only.

I sent you a password request and never got a reply.

I try to answer each password request as soon as possible. You may have chosen not to include your email address when you sent your request. In that case, I cannot reply easily. Passwords are usually entered within 24 hours and you may want to test from time to time if the password you sent me is already working, even if you did not get my reply.

I already rated a lot of caches with an older version of GCVote. Why are they gone now?

They should appear again after you entered your password. If they are still missing, please contact me.

What other programs do connect to GCVote's database?

I do not use these tools myself, but I know of these:


I forgot my password.

Please register a new one (by sending a message to BonnerGuido).

I changed my name on geocaching.com and now GCVote is broken.

Sorry for that. Please tell me about your old and your new name in a message to BonnerGuido.